…and all the men and women are merely aspiring actors getting turned down for almost every role they audition for. Annie fits into the category.

I spend almost every morning doing my usual routine; coffee, cigarette, and thinking about stuff nobody should think about at 7 in the morning. People usually have the tendency of keeping themselves up at night thinking about the past, the future, that horror movie they watched 10 years ago that is still haunting them, or just looking at the cracks on the ceiling thinking how it is about time they painted the walls on their next day off.

I, on the other hand, do all that in the morning (minus the ceiling part), listening to the most random playlist one could possibly imagine. And when „I would do anything for love“ by Meatloaf starts playing, I litterally lose it. As it is 7 a.m. Meatloaf time as I am writing this, sitting on a terrace looking directly at the Game of Thrones set (a little hint – Dubrovnik), minus the dragons and partially minus the naked people, the strangest thoughts find their way to my brain once again. The title of this article was just one of those thoughts; I’m planning on spending my day with a friend, an aspiring actor, who also happens to be in Dubrovnik. 

Oh, the wonderful world of memes (source)

The whole concept of theatre and the big screen as an interpretation of our everyday lives is quite mindblowing. We escape the dramatic reality by going to entertainment centres to watch that same drama being portrayed in front of us by people who are paid to do so. We also love saying how we like avoiding drama, but as long as it’s somebody elses we become all eyes and ears faster than the speed of Usain Bolt.

Every personal drama is our own little audition for a desired role in life, and it seems that the way we react to it is 90 percent of the final decision of the judges. Maybe the interest we take in real life drama, or the viritual one, has nothing to do with sticking your nose in other people’s business, an everything to do with learning.

This might seem like a long shot, but let’s put it like this: if we compare it to a theatre audition, every actor in the line for the role wants to know how the person before him did, is there something he did wrong, and what can he do to be better and not make the same mistakes. Even though we can atribute that to competitiveness when we’re talking about older and more experienced actors, the former can especially be applied to the „newbies“. With every new audition, a young aspiring actor learns more and more about the world he decided to be a part of. 

That is what makes this whole journey magical; the idea that there is always a new role to audition for. When we finally reach that state of mind and experience where we are the ones in control of the audition, and finally get that big role, we become the men and women who are merely players.

But for the fun of it, we will still watch a TV drama or two every now and then.

It’s just that other people’s drama won’t be as interesting as it used to be.

Maybe it’s that maturity I keep hearing of?



  1. teaismyjam · August 23

    Hey this is a really nice post! Good job and you managed to make the entire thing flow very well.
    Your blog layout is incredible I really like the way you have set out to begin writing. 😃

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Anthony Taylor · August 21

    I’ve always loved a good film and still do. I relate life to acting in more ways than one, myself. Great start. Keep it up.

    Liked by 2 people

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